Congrats to Xingjian (Jim) Xu for an outstanding PhD defense talk and Q&A on April 21, wrapping up his degree work in the GC Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry. Stellar combination of biophysical & biochemical approaches – HDX-MS / MST / EM / NMR / X-ray diffraction – to answer some tough questions about protein/protein and protein/ligand interactions in a transcriptional activator.

This combination of work was really enabled by Jim’s ability to work collaboratively with many others + great instrumentation in our ASRC Structural Biology Initiative and right next door at New York Structural Biology Center.  The combination of a engaged and proactive trainees like Jim + the expertise and infrastructure for structural biology on our city block is absolutely outstanding.
Thanks also to Jim’s committee for joining us in person, including RPI’s Cathy Royer, Brooklyn College’s Emilio Galliccio, CCNY’s Ronnie Ghose, and the ASRC’s Amedee des Georges.  A real treat to have everyone in the same room and around the same table for big events like this.