Final things to highlight in the summer of 2023 are ones I’m particularly proud of, including anniversaries of the lab’s founding 25 years ago in the Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern and joining the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center 10 years ago, plus receiving the Stein and Moore Award from The Protein Society as a recognition of the group’s work through the years.  Absolutely wonderful to get a chance to mark these occasions with the current group of the lab, some of our alumni, and many friends of the effort.  We also found time to do our lab’s second annual all-day retreat to share our science and discuss what comes next.

As I hope is evident from the pictures below, I am tremendously proud of the group, its members past & present, and our accomplishments in both basic and applied science.  The research and training associated with academic science labs can at times be really challenging – hours are long, experiments don’t always work the first time, and expectations can be high all around at a point where everyone invests truly substantial amounts of their times and efforts.  I’ve been truly fortunate to go through this quarter-century of science with an outstanding team of women and men who hail from all corners of the country and globe, with expertise spanning different parts of the biological and physical sciences (and even an engineer or two!).   Very happy to have the chance to mark these occasions … and look forward to the years ahead!