Congrats: Malvin – E. Olshansky Award

Congrats to Malvin Forson, a first year CUNY GC Biochemistry Ph.D. student in the lab, for being recently awarded a E. Olshansky Graduate Merit Award from the CCNY Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!  This merit-based award supports incoming graduate students with both support directly to them and the supporting laboratory.  Congratulations, Malvin!

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Congratulations, Dr. Jim Xu!

Congrats to Xingjian (Jim) Xu for an outstanding PhD defense talk and Q&A on April 21, wrapping up his degree work in the GC Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry. Stellar combination of biophysical & biochemical approaches – HDX-MS / MST / EM / NMR / X-ray diffraction – to answer some tough questions about protein/protein and [...]

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Welcome Carol!

Welcome to visiting postdoc Carolina Matos, joining the lab for a year's stay.  With FAPESP fellowship support, Carol, a postdoc with Carlos Ramos at UNICAMP in São Paolo, is combining biophysical and biochemical approaches to study chaperone/client interaction.  Meet Carol and the rest of the group at!

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Welcome Malvin!

Welcome to new CUNY GC Ph.D. student Malvin Forson, joining the lab for his dissertation work.  Malvin, a native of Ghana, is a first year student in the GC's Biochemistry Ph.D. program and has a broad set of professional and personal interests.  Meet Malvin and the rest of the group at!

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2023 Protein Society Stein & Moore Award

Beyond honored to receive the 2023 Stein & Moore Award from the Protein Society at this July's society meeting!  This award recognizes the sustained impact of my group's research in the general field of protein science, our favorite corner of the fields of biochemistry, biophysics, and structural biology.  I am humbled to be included in [...]

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2023 BPS Biophysics of Health and Disease Award

Very proud to receive the 2023 Award for the Biophysics of Health and Disease from the Biophysical Society at this year's society meeting!  This award recognizes a long-running project in my lab and our collaborators to develop a small molecule drug targeting hypoxia inducible factor 2 (HIF-2), leveraging biophysical information on a novel cavity [...]

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Welcome, Ramisha & Anastasiia!

Welcome to Ramisha Aymon & Anastasiia Fisiuk, two CCNY undergrads who've joined the lab for one year honors dissertation work through the CCNY Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.  Ramisha's been associated with the lab for awhile – but unable to join in many things due to COVID restrictions – and Anastasiia's new to us.  [...]

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Congrats: Joey Closson passes second level exam

Congrats to Joey Closson, a second year Ph.D. student in the lab, for passing his second level exam for the CUNY GC Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry.  This exam, comparable to "qualifying exams" in many other Ph.D. programs, is focused on a written research proposal and its oral defense – and marks the last of the [...]

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2 Podcasts: Academia/industry and Teaching/Learning

It's always a treat to sit down with friends to talk shop, and I've been privileged to recently be asked to be part of two such conversations that have turned into podcast episodes: in mid-December, I had a fantastic, far-ranking discussion on research and teaching with Kaylan Chakrabarti at Krea University ( while I was [...]

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2022 Gratitude #3 – Long-term impact

Final entry in a series of three aspects I've been particularly proud of this year:  Impactful ideas that have taken some time to come to fruition, and those who've been key parts of long stints of the almost 25(!) years since the lab opened in August 1998. A great example of this has been [...]

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