2 Podcasts: Academia/industry and Teaching/Learning

It's always a treat to sit down with friends to talk shop, and I've been privileged to recently be asked to be part of two such conversations that have turned into podcast episodes: in mid-December, I had a fantastic, far-ranking discussion on research and teaching with Kaylan Chakrabarti at Krea University ( while I was [...]

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2022 Gratitude #3 – Long-term impact

Final entry in a series of three aspects I've been particularly proud of this year:  Impactful ideas that have taken some time to come to fruition, and those who've been key parts of long stints of the almost 25(!) years since the lab opened in August 1998. A great example of this has been [...]

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2022 Gratitude #2 – Great Ph.D. students

Second entry in a series of three aspects I've been particularly proud of this year:  Having a fantastic team of Ph.D. students in the group from the Graduate Center's Ph.D. programs in Biochemistry and Biology: Jim Xu, Roksana Azad, Matt Cleere, Danielle Swingle, Jimmy Siclari, Tarsisius Tiyani, and Joey Closson (all detailed here). Great to [...]

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2022 Gratitude #1 – Great undergrads

First entry in a series of three aspects I've been particularly proud of this year:  Having some great undergrads come through the group this year, whether for a summer through the CCNY B3 REU program (including Keerthana Rameshbabu and Marina Shi in 2022) or through the CCNY Chemistry & Biochemistry Department's Honors Research Program.  Very [...]

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One-on-one w/Mike Brown

As part of the CUNY Graduate Center's Science In The City series, I had the privilege of hosting a one-on-one interview with UT Southwestern's Mike Brown in April 2022 to discuss some key aspects of the drug discovery process.  This was a real treat for many reasons, having known Mike for over twenty years [...]

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Congratulations, Jim Xu – Horst Schulz award

Congratulations to Jim Xu, winner of the 2022 Horst Schulz Award from the CUNY Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry, given each year to the student in the program with the best first-authored paper of the preceding year.  Jim's Biophysical Journal paper "Volume and Compressibility Differences Between Protein Conformations Revealed by High-Pressure NMR" was an elegant [...]

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Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Leandro – CCNY grads

Catching up on some great news from earlier in the summer – congratulations to both Kaitlyn Toy and Leandro Pimentel Marcelino, two CCNY Biochemistry graduates who'd done undergraduate honors dissertations in my group earlier in their careers. Kaitlyn, who was in the Macaulay Honors College and won the department's Ward Medal for best academic record, did her [...]

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Congratulations, Roksana Azad – NIH NRSA F31 fellowship!

Congratulations to Roksana Azad, a 4th year CUNY Biochemistry Ph.D. student in the lab, on successfully getting an NIH NRSA F31 predoctoral fellowship!  Notably, Roksana's a CUNY alumna as well as a current student, having done her undergraduate work at York College.  This grant will support her research into the mechanisms of nutrient regulation [...]

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(Phot)ographs of a plant light sensor: Hart and Gardner JBC 2021

In the lab's first JBC Review, Jaynee Hart and I have just published an overview of the current state of the field's understanding of the phototropin class of blue light photoreceptors.  Jaynee and I opted to pitch this as a fairly broad overview, noting that JBC's readership is almost as broad as the group [...]

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Shifting the slip: Xu et al. Magn Reson 2021

Proud to announce the publication of Xu et al., Magn Reson 2021, "Fragile protein folds: Sequence and environmental factors affecting the equilibrium of two interconverting, stably folded protein conformations" in a special collection celebrating the 80th birthday of our NMR colleague Rob Kaptein. This work extends our studies of the ARNT PAS-B Y456T model [...]

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