Very proud to receive the 2023 Award for the Biophysics of Health and Disease from the Biophysical Society at this year’s society meeting!  This award recognizes a long-running project in my lab and our collaborators to develop a small molecule drug targeting hypoxia inducible factor 2 (HIF-2), leveraging biophysical information on a novel cavity within part of the protein to do so.  I’m fiercely proud of our accomplishments here – which led to Merck’s belzutifan – and the corresponding contributions by many in my group, in Rick Bruick’s lab and those of other academic collaborators and core facilities, and at Peloton Therapeutics and Merck that took this from a crazy idea to reality.

More info in the award lecture I recorded before the meeting (link sends you to a collection of all videos from this year, select “Biophysics in Health and Disease”) –